Movie Night – Police State by Dinesh D’Souza

Movie Night Wednesday - Jan 25th at 6pm Dinesh D'Souza has done is a again with his statement documentary series and latest hit "Police State". Come by the Republican Headquarters in Atascadero for a screening of the movie and judge for yourself if America is falling prey to totalitarianism. Date: Jan 25th, 2024

Movie Night – Police State by Dinesh D’Souza2024-01-25T15:16:53-08:00

Video Release – Sheriff Ian Parkinson Speaking at Jan 8th SloTeaParty meeting

Click to Watch on Rumble. Sheriff on Drugs, Immigration, Crime, & CCW's Ian Parkinson speaks at the San Luis Obispo county Tea Party meeting on January 8, 2024. Sheriff Parkinson covers the fentanyl crisis due to the flooding of drugs into the US and the difficulty law-enforcement encounters due to the

Video Release – Sheriff Ian Parkinson Speaking at Jan 8th SloTeaParty meeting2024-01-23T17:42:17-08:00

New videos Posted from October 2nd Meeting

New Videos from October 2nd Meeting Watch the video segments of John Peschong - Supervisor District 1 and Darcia Stebbens local elections expert on our SloTeaParty Rumble Channel. Remember to share and subscribe for more videos and content. John Peschong Darcia Stebbens

New videos Posted from October 2nd Meeting2023-10-07T11:25:23-07:00

Presidential Debate Watch Party

Come on by the HQ at 7357 El Camino Real in Atascdaero on Wednesday August 23rd at 5pm to watch the Presidential debates and Tucker Carlson interview. We will be switching back and forth for MAXIMUM entertainment value. Also, PIZZA and drinks will be available. Have fun and wake up the neighbors! Were gonna get

Presidential Debate Watch Party2023-08-29T19:27:30-07:00

Another APC Fantastic Gathering

  I never get tired of learning what people think. We had a great time discussing everything from Cal Coast News to January 6th and Tucker Carlson to the Moral decay America is suffering. If you didn’t make it this time then we hope to see you next Wednesday at Tent City Brewing for

Another APC Fantastic Gathering2023-08-20T11:00:46-07:00

March Meeting with Resilient Souls

Great meeting with Lisa Majors from Resilient Souls about human trafficking and restoring women who have been trafficked and abused.

March Meeting with Resilient Souls2023-08-26T18:40:14-07:00

January Meeting and Max Bonilla as Speaker

Our first speaker for the new year of 2023 was Max Bonilla. His passion and clear understanding of the issues at hand were very well articulated and everyone in attendance of the meeting was eager to meet with him. The video is available to watch on Max is 17 years old and lives

January Meeting and Max Bonilla as Speaker2023-08-26T18:47:44-07:00

December Christmas Party

The 2022 Christmas party was a big hit. The party was held at the RPSLO headquarters on 7357 El Camino Real from 5-8pm and every kind of food was there. We had great catered food from Que Paso in Atascadero and many other foods and desserts brought in by guests. There was a 100%

December Christmas Party2023-08-26T18:48:52-07:00
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