Sheriff on Drugs, Immigration, Crime, & CCW’s

Ian Parkinson speaks at the San Luis Obispo county Tea Party meeting on January 8, 2024. Sheriff Parkinson covers the fentanyl crisis due to the flooding of drugs into the US and the difficulty law-enforcement encounters due to the unprecedented number of illegal immigrants entering the country. He also dives into the right to bear arms and the topic of CCW’s (Concealed Cary Weapons) permits. Listen to this persuasive and knowledgeable information from San Luis Obispo County’s highest elected law-enforcement official, Sheriff Ian Parkinson.

“what’s happening right now with fentanyl is absolutely horrible”

New videos Posted from October 2nd Meeting

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New Videos from October 2nd Meeting Watch the video segments of John Peschong - Supervisor District 1 and Darcia Stebbens local elections expert on our SloTeaParty Rumble Channel. Remember to share and subscribe

Presidential Debate Watch Party

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Come on by the HQ at 7357 El Camino Real in Atascdaero on Wednesday August 23rd at 5pm to watch the Presidential debates and Tucker Carlson interview. We will be switching back and forth for