Donations are the lifeblood of any organization. We have fought for over 10 years to preserve free markets, fiscal responsibility, and a constitutionally limited government. We have been open and honest about what we believe in and for over 10 years we have held informative meetings hosting some of the biggest names in area. Candidates for Congress, Elected Officials, Law Enforcement, and Educators. We also hold rallies and sponsor events throughout the county providing assistance and support for many of the organizations that promote freedom and personal expression.

Our goal is to help everyone understand exceptional American values through education and teamwork. We can be a nation better than we have ever been.

Please Consider a small monthly donation and know that we treat every dollar as a precious gift. Even only $5 or $10 per month makes a big difference and the next time you see that little line on your bank statement you can feel a warm glow that we are fighting to keep San Luis Obispo a community of eternal American values.