Cathy Correll with Freedom Calling, an organization in the North County of San Luis Obispo and an initiative of Hope United, a charitable organization that seeks to promote social justice and welfare in charitable ways, is involved in helping women and children who have been exploited by sex trafficking.


Correll was the guest speaker at our north county meeting of the San Luis Obispo County Tea Party on Monday, August 7, 2023. Miss Carol spoke on the subject of her affiliation freedom calling and expose many of the problems with women who have been sex, trafficked, and how sir serious the situation is due to a high demand and lack of punishment for those who participate.


San Luis Obispo is a central point for traffickers when moving minors and other forced sex workers through the area, sometimes being handed off here as a midpoint.


Sound of freedom, the new movie by angel studios and starring Jim Caviezel, best known for Mel Gibson’s The passion of the Christ, set off a national interest in the trade of sex trafficking. Now, with a spotlight glaring directly on this societal evil, authorities are being pressured to go after people exploding children and young men and women.


Watch the video of Cathy Correll speaking to our group by clicking the link below







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