It’s nice to know that someone believes in the same things you do. Here we are. Funny thing, we’ve always been here. Think of the last few several years like a few crazy people got up on stage an took control of a microphone. Now that they’ve had their say, it’s time for the audience to take it back. Smile, your not the crazy one. America has always been about freedom and equality. Some people don’t think so.  They have been hurt by others that don’t believe in American values. We need to join together in unity and spread the love that is the American reality. Some have been living in a nightmare and now they believe that our system has let them down. No true. Our system is self correcting and based in good for all people, no matter what race or culture. However, we are tied together with the ideological understanding that we should all be treated by our government at equals. Justice should be blind, and people should be treated innocent until prove guilty. The individual should be treated supreme and the government should be the servant.  The world has always fallen to the opposite where a few rule over the many. If we can restrain ourselves and learn to serve each other there will be no need for a tyrannical government to rule over us. It’s time for a revival! Let’s go!